Zishy – Tiffany Crystal – Eye Donut Science

Zishy – Tiffany Crystal – Eye Donut Science
pLd1O-795839 Zishy - Tiffany Crystal - Eye Donut Science
Model: Tiffany Crystal
Released Date: September 11, 2016
Size: 42 MB
Quality: 79 photos at 1920 Px
Description: Tiffany Crystal is a gorgeous girl who is into health and exercise. We visit Griffith Observatory and then return to her place for some privacy. The heavy foot traffic at the popular L.A. destination was a bit overwhelming for Tiff. I enjoy science because it invites skepticism, while mystics demand faith. Science and religion seem to be asking the same questions. But only the former can explain why we are able to ride giant metal birds in the sky to visit Mom on Christmas.
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